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Day39, pg.50 Stay Put and Walk Through It

One of the boldest things I learned to do in life, was to stop in my tracks and stare my difficulties in the face. All credit of course, goes to God's help and others. Moving place to place, Running, Avoiding people, places, or things, and especially "Getting Wasted into oblivion" doesn't work, though it may feel good in the moment. There is an inner-price to pay for this behavior. Most people have to find out for themselves. This is called life experience, there is absolutely nothing wrong with testing the waters so you can find out who you want to be and what you want to be about. What's important to understand in this world, -is if the road gets crazy and you want to change up -seek different people who can give you some direction with that. We call it finding new people, places, and things. Instead of the "blind leading the blind".


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