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Journal Volume l -Day 31 Desperate Responses

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Today’s RJL meditation is about wanting something so bad that we don’t take a moment to clearly think the matter through. Chaos prevails often in this scenario and we find ourselves in all kinds of odd predicaments -practicing odd behaviors.

In recovery, we practice -not making quick decisions on matters. Sometimes we wait 24 hours and learn to weigh the pros and cons of our circumstance. Through sincere effort and restraint, we are given the luxury of better thinking.

As I begin this day, I’ll take responsibility for my recovery. I am reminded that there are many things that I still want. I am also aware that the solution to acting on impulse and compulsiveness is to refrain from quick fixes -which in turn opens the door for me to think clearly. Today when faced with quick fixes consider the words from The rock band, The Rolling Stones released in 1969, that Mick Jagger sang us, "You can always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find -you get what you need." I will practice this now and feel the freedom now. You can feel that freedom too, if you choose too.

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*Below is the Excerpt from my book-series, “I didn’t ask to think this way, I just do...” that I am relating to. Book l, p.42 Volume l, p.74

Homework: Google The Rolling Stones song title "You can't always get what you want" and listen to gain some insight on your own road.

I invite you to scroll up to this website shop page above or click to purchase one of my private Recovery Journals, so you can follow along at home while you create your own story!


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