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Thank You,
Land Rover of Chattanooga
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June 2021 Update

Recovery Journal June 2021

June Update

 This month was a turning point for Recovery Journals with the purchase of the Rvbus for use in book distribution that will travel the United States encouraging recovery for anyone. We are continuing to plan out our distribution to recovery facilities through July and August with a 2021-22 Fall launch. We hit major roadblocks with the Rvbus as we discovered it had underlying issues, the main issue being that of severe mice infestation damage. We gloved up and striped down the Rvbus then sanitized every inch of it. We tediously replaced all the infested heat ductwork as well. Th Rvbus looked good on the outside but was quite the nightmare of a dirty job that would have made Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs hesitate. On a happy note, we made plans with John the-decal-man, to have the Rvbus lettered in July.


In Chattanooga TN we visited and distributed recovery journals to Silverdale Detention Center and Rehabs Rest. In Murfreesboro, TN we visited and distributed recovery journals to Freedom Recovery House and Journey Pure. In Nashville we made a verbal commitment to several recovery houses and facilities to return to visit and distribute late July early August. We are on it!


Another big change in June for Recovery Journals was taken baby steps to exercise our ability as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to ask for donations and sponsorship from the public, government, and businesses. We applied again to the UNfoundation for a grant to distribute recovery journals locally. We also set our website up with a donation button for the public and prepared letters to review and send out.

Last but not least, we continued our baby-steps with figuring ways to set up media equipment on the inside and the outside of the Rvbus. RecoveryJournals was focused as well on the true-life educational documentary and supportive link that connects the Recovery Book Series to RecoveryJournals-live. RecoveryJournals-live is the vital part of that is dedicated to document and share real-life people and recovery processes with social media via our website YouTube, and Facebook.


Upcoming July is a Just-do-this month that has some exiting challenges for Recovery Journals, of course we will continue to show you the live the processes as they occur.


A word of wisdom until the next update

 – If all else fails, share the heart of you to succeed; then you can never fail!


Best regards, 

Veronica Slack 

Author and founder of the Recovery Journals series and foundation
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