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Serenity for All
Empower People

Born February 1965 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania then moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2006. Veronica says, "For me, life has been a series of unfortunate events turned into fortunate events." These events explain the triumphant outcomes from the voice of reason she possesses. Though an outlier in mannerism and expression, this odd voice of reason and the ability to reach for God has caused her to get up and to get out from whatever circumstance had stood in front or behind her. 

Meet Veronica Slack an ordinary person and author of the participating recovery book series, “I didn’t ask to think this way, I just do...” that is designed for anyone. Being a recovering person since 1991, she wrote and designed the recovery books and journals from her personal experiences of learning how to reach higher and triumph over whatever circumstances came down the road. She learned to reach higher from things like being abused as a child and active addiction, as well as from health diagnoses and disabilities. She is an advocate for people who are recovering from ANY problem that limits them from living their lives. The series she wrote engages each person on every page in creative yet ordinary ways. The participating recovery journals are a way to help people live and view their daily lives in a better state of mind, through their own lenses. Each book completed creates a unique one-of-a-kind story co-written together.


Veronica also developed and hosted a televised united recovery program that was open to all of society who struggled. The program aired over three years from 2003 to 2006, via the public access channel in Bucks County PA, and the surrounding area. In the late 90’s she began writing the participating series of books for people who are hurting, hard-headed, and too busy in our society.


Now, in 2018 Veronica spends her early mornings in some form of meditation with God, writes, and edits her collection of books. Being clean and sober since June 8th, 1991, Veronica still maintains active involvement with an anonymous twelve step program, as well as with public and private recovery-oriented programs and institutions. She still copes with issues stemming from a traumatic brain injury but says, "my disability doesn't decide my road, it's just an unfortunate event." Her eyes are fixed on better things like being dedicated to taking her recovery book series mainstream to reach others on whatever road they are on. Creatively bringing to light the importance of reaching for better outcomes. She believes it is paramount to remind people that no matter what life has dealt us we don't have to be left hurting, hard-headed, or too busy, alone. Nevertheless, we need to be an advocate for our own recovery and take one positive action to move forward. She says the main lesson that life has taught her is, “as long as we are still breathing we can choose a road of recovery. So choose it, now.”

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