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Recovery Support For Anyone
I didn't ask to think this way,
                          I just do...
Recovery Journals that are part of a book series that provides creative long-term recovery support for any person coping with any issue.
The series can be used in unison with any treatment or program already in place or it can also be used alone as a supportive recovery system.
The participating recovery book series invites you to co-write the daily meditations that creatively promote better thinking in a journal form.
The end result is each person creates a unique book of their own story.

YOU-can-Collaborate with Veronica Slack from WHEREVER you are! RecoveryJournals' shares life with you from its hometown in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

You can read, write, draw, compose, or sing the other half of the book series, "I didn't ask to think this way, I just do..." from your perspective.*Get your copy today -and Unleash Your Vision.*

**The participating book series is designed to encompass all economic classes, genders, cultures, races, and all beliefs. This occurs by way of the reader writing half of the book unique to their own views.**
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