We are scheduling a limited number of speaking engagements that range from 60-90 minutes for 2018 to present  “A Recovery Story,” or to conduct the participating Creative Pages Class Activity.
Contact us for more information.

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We encourage like-mindedness, regardless of our dilemmas, we learn to reach for better outcomes together.



People need recognition. The interaction on this website gives any person a positive opportunity and a platform to be recognized by posting & uploads to be recognized by their creative artworks, literature, and positive personal outlook.


June 6th 2018





Second Chattanooga Recovery Journal Class Open to the Public.

Beginning June 6, 2018
Eastgate Town center 5600 Brainerd  Rd.
Inside at the Community Conference room in Chattanooga, TN.


Write A Better Future, LLC

We are currently accepting for

"Buy-a-Book, for someone hurting, hard-headed, or too busy in Institutions" at Silverdale Detention Center, Chattanooga Room at the Inn, or Eagleville Hospital.
**We will place a book marker in each Book purchased
with buyers first name only and town.**
Example: This Book was bought especially for you, 
        by Tom, from Margate NJ     
Facilities, Private Recovery Programs, & Institutions place an order now or contact us about our 31-day  packet-books. Inquire about the onsite inspiring activity "Creative inspiration page" schedule.
More info coming