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Nothings In My Head… with Veronica Slack. Veronica is a 2006 transplant from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, she is Chattanooga’s local author of the RecoveryJournals book series for any person. This is Veronica Slack’s debut variety radio show that discusses excerpts from her books including her upcoming book titled, “Nothings In My Head.” Together we’ll laugh, talk, & ponder, existence theories, God’s playground, scientific possibilities, & showcase the creative hearts & minds of everyday people


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Do you have a theory about life? Ponder the Universe? Have a dream to fulfill? Do you have a story to tell? Have an odd talent or a show & tell? Are you a writer, music composer, singer or a creator of skits? Are you a comedian, artistic? Do you suffer writer’s-singer’s block?  Need encouragement to move forward from a life circumstance? Do you want to have your voice heard but don’t know where to start or what to say?