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2004 Writing through the Learning Process RTC Televised Recovery

RTC-12step Ministries, from 2003-2006 our program was televised in the Bucks County and surrounding area via the Bucks County, Pa public access channel. We held our RTC12-step aka United Televised Recovery meetings for all people struggling in life from any problem or any belief also in the Philadelphia, and Washington DC area. The Limo company I drove for allowed me to use our Limo Bus to transport people from recovery houses to the facility in Langhorne Pennsylvania each week. Several local churches helped us during this time, Christian Life Center in Bensalem, Langhorne Terrace Baptist, Langhorne, Pa and Thompson Memorial Presbyterian, New Hope, Pa, are just a few that donated a facility, an 84 passenger bus, that I drove with my CDL License and funds for fuel. We drove to conduct our meetings with as far as Washington, DC

Arcives. We gave these DVDs of our meetings to Halfway houses back in 2006.

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