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Taking small steps in the bigger picture

Don't randomly say Institutions have enough money, some do but most do not. Have you seen our streets? The overworked Staff? To say that we "addicted" people are a tough batch to handle, is an understatement. The recently raised media awareness concerning our opiate epidemic is appreciated, but really there has been an epidemic ever since I have been clean, thats over 26 years.

Today we sent an example of our bookmarker to prepare for Buy-A-Book Institutions to Starkey Printing here in Chattanooga, TN. Every little bit that anyone can do will help. Thats our problem out there growing.

I will be speaking and visiting Eagleville Hospital November 20, 2017. There are approximately 250 clients, there. It is our goal to give every single one of them a 31-day packet-book to begin this Book Series. This will be additional aid that is needed, along with whatever program the individual chooses to work. Some will not chose any program at all and struggle on for many years. You can help us reach this goal. Contact us 423-355-6471 or purchase a book for 14.99 through this site -We will put your first name only, and hometown on one of these Bookmarkers and put it in the book and give it to someone at Eagleville Hospital.

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