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The Name of The Book Series

Originally the title was a thought in the book, trying to express the chaos to my Higher Power, to people, and to understand life myself. As soon as I wrote it I knew it was the title, I didn't ask to think this way, I just do... To this I added my desire to reach others , I wrote, "for people who are hurting, hard-headed, and too busy..." Here are some early versions of Book I, The Private Collection 2001

Book I, The Private Collection 2001, 2017

Here is the revised version that was proofed for production last week that is rolling off the presses this week.

It was my thought to express and reach across these pages with words and pictures to connect to people in a special way that reflect bridges to life, roads to walk, steps to take, water for serenity, and above all connection to our Higher Power.

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