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Day 32: Journal Volume l -Standing Strong

📕Today’s RJL meditation is about believing that we have the right stuff to live this day –no matter what it brings. All we need is an inward spark that desires a better life to ignite Hope for a better future. This Hope opens the doors to our heart and mind for change to come in.

In recovery, we stop running from our problems and deal by practicing new coping skills. Skills like talking about our troubles or asking others how they handled tough situations. We have a foundation of people supporting our road and we support them too. This is a two-way street we don’t just take guidance, -we learn to give back what's been given to us.

As my day starts now, I am reminded to stand strong and to be flexible in all my affairs. I will handle today’s situations that come up with the confidence that I will get through them without the use of chemicals or harsh attitudes to relieve my distress. Responding this way will give me another day under my belt that builds experience in my personal recovery life. By choosing to be in recovery from our issues -we are making the decision to have Hope for a better future -right now and we are standing strong. You can stand strong this way too -if you want to.

*Below is the Excerpt from my book-series, “I didn’t ask to think this way, I just do...” that I am relating to. Book l, p.43 Volume l, p.76

In the Comment box below “Relate, Comment, or Add to the Thought creates "Our Story" together a page a day.

Start journaling the unique book series that makes you an author and promotes better thinking by you writing the other half.

Hang out with us as we show the recovery life mixing in today’s world in a variety of ways with supportive social media and our website.

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