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Day38, pg.49 Learning to Think Higher Up

A picture is worth a thousand words. The photos in Recovery Journals are meant to be read-into like little puzzles. I always pick locations for deeper thought. I want to remind you today to ponder who your real-life role models are, who are your peers that set your feet on the straightaway, and who exactly are the elders you gather real life strength from. An elder is someone a bit older or further down the road than you are, who openly shares their life experiences. Ask yourself and your Higher Power if you have unrealistic views of elders or of -how a female or male has to "present information" in order for your ears and your heart to-open.

I am telling you that intermixing with, learning, and laughing, with the real people passing you every day are the things of value to the heart -not how much stuff we have, our status, or our issues. Today think Higher Up and Be Free, in the here and now. You are amazing just as God made you -this is enough.


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