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Day 42: Journal Volume l -Cut People a Break, Free Yourself

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Today’s recovery journal is about learning to curtail our ridged mannerisms. Complaining attitudes do not get us anywhere good. It actually does the opposite and enslaves us to negative responses to the world around us.

In recovery, we practice owning our part in situations and take the critical eye off our brother. Sometimes a fellow member or our sponsor might say, “keep the focus on yourself”. We might snarl at this. Maybe we will listen –maybe we won’t. When we’ve had enough of the mental boxing and want relief -we will remember the words.

As I face my day now, I am reminded that if or when my critical mind pops up because things aren’t going exactly as I planned, -to cut people a break. Life does not have to be so serious. I’ll remember that I have a choice to look pass the negativity and find something good about the situation. This is a choice that you can make too, if you want to. What is the worst thing that could happen –relief from complaining?

*The next picture is the Excerpt from my book-series, “I didn’t ask to think this way, I just do...” that I am relating to. Book l Visuals, p.53, Recovery Journal Volume l, p.100

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