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Day 47: Journal Volume l -Cut to the Chase

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Today’s recovery meditation that I am relating to is from, “I didn’t ask to think this way, I just do…”. Book I Visuals, p.58. It is about learning how to carry a message, not the person. When we are stuck in a situation people can show us a way out –but make no mistake if a person does not take a step forward we cannot force them. There is an old adage, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it.” However, we are still responsible to hit them between the eye with the truth and offer our hand. People have different ways of doing this. Some are gentle, some are more aggressive. Do it the way God put it in your heart to do.

In recovery, our lives depend on people saying it, like it is. We pull each other up on our behaviors. Most times it is in a loving and caring way –but sometimes not so much. We say, “Don’t sugar coat it, tell it like it is” we are told what we need to hear, not what we want to hear and most importantly, -we remain friends.

As my day approaches now, I am reminded not to beat around the bush with people, when it comes to recovery. I am also reminded to be sensitive, but not to be a doormat. Instead I can show a steady example of recovery road; by taking it myself. You can choose to take recovery road too. If you choose too, right now.

*The next picture is the Excerpt from my book-series, “I didn’t ask to think this way, I just do...” that I am relating to. Book l Visuals, p.58, Recovery Journal Volume l, p.110.

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