Day 49: Journal Volume l -Seeing Myself, As I Am

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Today’s recovery journal meditation is about realizing that we think, think, think, because we have a brain, brain, brain. We can take responsibility for this brain that is attached to us and give it better information to think about. Dark thoughts can just pass through, -if we let them. Who said we have to dwell on them? When dark thoughts come in one-sided let them flow right out the other side.

In recovery, we are taught to take a quick inventory so we can catch if we are obsessing on something. We check if we are trying to control our self -in a negative manner, or our surroundings, -to a painful point. When we find something dark we ask our Higher Power to help us get right with it and find what step it relates to and apply it. We simply apply good information that calms the mind through better action. Take a moment to consider how you take positive action with your -self when troubled thoughts pop up.