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Day Nine: Stop & Settle Down

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Day 9: Journal Volume l -Stop & Settle Down

Today’s recovery journal meditation is a reminder that with all the extra media distractions, we need more than ever –to stop & come back to right now.

*This is the Excerpt from my book-series, “I didn’t ask to think this way, I just do...” that I am relating to. Book l Visuals, p.20, Recovery Journal Volume l, p.26

Day Nine: Stop & Settle Down

How can you pick your-self up when you haven’t even accepted that you are down, and how can you accept you are down when you refuse to stop running around? Be still, won’t you? "

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It is so easy to get sucked into the overkill of information available to us! I can become a "phone zombie" in a second! It is the -new way of running around without even going anywhere. But we can adapt -if we want too. Today between the real-world hustle and bustle, excess mind media, & my phone I am making a conscious effort to stop and check that I am dealing with my life for-real!

The focus of today's meditation is Step 10 -We continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. This step guides us to stop in our tracks, ask ourselves a few questions- like what's up with you the last 24 hours -how you doing -how you acting? How can we take care of ourselves, now?

P.S google the words Step 10 for a variety of reading literature info or ask a question in the comment box.

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