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Move On, Choose Your Life -Recovery Journal pg.94 Day40

Page 94 reminds us how to be part of the solution -with out contributing to the problem. At anytime we can find ourselves on either side of this meditation. So maybe your moody or mental -thats okay... God uses whatever you have to offer! Don't be so quick to get rid of your rough edges -Be a fighter for life. Use what God gave you to hit someone right between the eyes with truth that shows them the road out of destruction. It is one of the greatest-natural-highs, to be a pointer -in God's plan. Take a minute for a brother or sister who is way off track with drugs or the crazies -who is just dying to get their ass kicked in a loving and caring way. We don't sit in someones shit with them; they learn to choose to follow us out, or stay there.


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