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Special Delivery -Simple Actions toward Positive Changes

When I want something no matter what it is, it never happens at the drop of a pin, at least not in my world. I was very fortunate to arrive at the exact time to cross paths with a Chattanooga Drug Court Judge and personally hand him a package containing Book I, Volume I, and our 31day institutions packet-book. Hopefully it is a starting place, for future endeavors.

Innovative solutions are born from thinking outside the box, and by having the courage to follow through with something positive that society produced out of heartache and suffering. I will make every effort to get the Book Series, I didn't ask to think this way, I just do... into our government system both state and national, even if is by simply donating them. If someone has been doing something simple that has been working for 26 years, and it is still working, you may want to take a minute to listen and see the vision. Better yet, try Book I when you are hurting, hard-headed, or too busy and co-write Volume I to see what results from it, for yourself.

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