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It's Higher Power's Plan not ours

Self-Sabotage can camouflage itself and wreak havoc for any of us. We all have days we feel down and don't want to be around people. It's part of our Higher Power's plan for each of us to come to believe that the good, the bad, and the indifferent, that we experience are are part of His plan to refine us into the best version of ourselves. Some of us make this extremely difficult because we can't accept the bad and indifferent times in our lives. We want to be on point right now, because we know better. Do we? Our example of working through our difficulties has a powerful effect on the people around us, and we will never know it, because it's God's plan, not ours. We learn that contributing to the grand scheme of things and not knowing, relieves self-sabotage.

Answer the question.

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