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Change the Mindset to Recovery Epidemic-Spread It!

People always want to help one another. Stop feeding the mindset of the wolf that represents the Opioid Epidemic, let it be. It has always existed in some form and it always will. Instead help our people this way. Concentrate instead on feeding the Recovery Epidemic in 1001 ways so that any person struggling can fluently see us and know we are many. It is time to bring recovery front and center so anyone can choose to be attracted to us -who are the recovery wolf, instead.

Shine 10x's more light on recovery & let more people know that recovery is here for them, -when they are ready.

You can help someone from home today.

Participate from Home by copying the pattern & sending your Homemade supportive

T-Shirt to us. We will be giving them to people needing hope in various recovery facilities.

**Please Make them the same design as pictured below.

**Clean Used T's in your size

On front

On the back Recovery Epidemic -Spread It!

On the sleeves -First name only & your town,

and a few encouraging words.

*Please use Permanent markers, Sharpies, or fabric paint markers

Mail to:


P.O. Box 16034

4420 Oakwood Drive.

Chattanooga, TN 37416

**If you or your church or group want to make Homemade recovery T-shirts to give to various recovery-oriented places.

Please follow the example T-shirt -on the front, Recovery Epidemic-Spread It! -On the back.

On the sleeve -From -First name only & your town, and a few encouraging words on the sleeve.

Please Use permanent Sharpies if possible or pen.

Send as many as you like to address below: We will plan a future date to drop them off at various recovery centers, mental health facilities, halfway houses, detoxes, etc...

Mail to: Recovery Journals P.O Box 16034 4420 Oakwood Drive Chattanooga, TN 37416

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