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Day 34 Journal Volume l -Treat Yourself Better

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Today’s RJL meditation is about becoming willing to treat ourselves better. Right now, -not tomorrow. Our self-talk is serious business –it can damn our day and create a Hellish Mental Environment or it can build us stronger by turning hell into a Mysterious Castle where our problems make us excel. People call this behavior many different things like self-abuse, negativity, sin, or diseased thinking etc.

In recovery, we call it stinking thinking or being in our head –we don’t care what you want to call it, -we learn to catch it and surrender it to our Higher Power. We replace it with better mental images and get out of there. We talk about it, we take a positive action, help someone, or we read inspiring literature. The idea here is not to sit in this mental space. Get up and get out of it.

As I begin my day now, -I am reminded to treat myself better –because I am worth it. No worry or problem that I have has the right to steal my self-esteem and talk mental crap to me. I’ll apply my 2nd step to the negativity –insanity is repeating the same thing expecting different results. I’ll not stew or sit in self defeating self talk. I'll tell myself this. -Get out of here Stinking Thinking! I’m living in recovery today, I care today, and I love the person my Higher Power is creating today. I want better for myself and I want better for others too. Tell yourself this -till you mean it.

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*The Next Picture is the Excerpt from my book-series,

“I didn’t ask to think this way, I just do...” that I am relating to, today.

Book l, p.45, Volume l, p.82

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